Reasons You Need to Be Fit

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Photo Credit: Charles Hamilton (

Photo Credit: Charles Hamilton (

With life being so hard these days, the last thing you want to add to your list of woes is being unhealthy or more particularly, an unhealthy body. With today’s economy being unpredictable as heck, people can have a hard time catching up and coping but they can catch up and cope better if they have a fit mind and body to do all this with.

In addition, a fit body resists stress better so you are able to deal appropriately with important matters at work and even at home. Aside from the fact that fat can give you a very unflattering look, it can also cause emotional complications that can keep you from being your best self. Also, did you know that fat comes in three colors? There’s white, brown and beige. Yes, even something as blah as fat can have dimensions.

White fat is what we are all familiar with – it has low metabolic rate and doesn’t help you burn calories like muscles do and is also the predominant type of fat in our bodies, amounting to about 90%. In short, this is where all the cheeseburgers, fries and potato chips get stored when you shovel them in your mouth.

Brown fat on the other hand, is darker in color and due to a rich blood supply in our bodies, can actually burn calories rather than storing them. However, this only happens if you happen to be a mammal because unfortunately, we humans have a very low amount of brown fat that will keep us warm or burn calories.

And the third type of fat, beige fat is a combination of white and brown in terms of calorie-burning. It is something we are looking forward to because researchers are currently into ways that white fat cells can be shifted into metabolically-active beige fat cells by means of  diet, exercise and supplements, especially bodybuilding supplements that are known to improve performance. If there’s anybody who will benefit from this union, it’s athletes and bodybuilders who need to be totally fit to be able to compete well in their respective sports.

Also, bodybuilding supplements help enhance muscle repair and recovery after every intense workout and allows the bodybuilder to be able to keep a regular schedule at the gym, in addition to helping them keep up with their training routines as well which can get more and more intense depending on the level they need to reach. They are almost always never without supplements like muscle milk australia to help them achieve their fitness goals fast.

But for most people, the only reason to stay fit aside from getting rid of fat, is to be able to have a so-called “bikini body” or basically a body you can show off whenever, wherever. This is the kind of thinking that sometimes pushes people to go on extreme diet regimens that often end up with them lying in a hospital bed or worse. You don’t need to show off a great body, people will know you have a great body simply by the way you move and carry yourself with confidence.

There are actually greater reasons to be fit and stay fit and first off, is the fact that you can sleep better. You will hear many fitness myths but one thing that busts these is the fact that you cannot get the body you want without exercise and diet. Vigorous exercisers have been proven to sleep better than their sedentary peers and in the process, also got more work done than those who don’t take the time to work out.

Also, since exercise increases blood flow to the brain, it leaves you feeling more awake, alert and focused. Those who keep a regular workout routine are known to be able to ward off dementia and other cognitively-declining diseases that usually come with age. New brain cells are also born within the hippocampus, which is the part of your brain that is concerned with learning and memory.

And if being able to keep yourself on your toes isn’t enough reason, regular exercise also helps you lower your risk for diabetes, glaucoma and heart disease and eases restless leg syndrome which disrupts your sleep significantly. You are also less prone to migraine headaches and get sick less. It also lessens your risk for getting cancer and getting depressed, something that ails most people particularly those who ironically lead a busy life.

Do you need more reasons to be fit? How about you’ll live a longer life and experience better sex? No matter what reason you have to be fit and stay fit, know that it is  ultimately for your own good and we should stop thinking of excuses not to go to the gym and definitely not just because you want to have a “bikini body”.


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